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aggressive rabbit

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Has anyone any ideas re a really aggressive rabbit? She was rescued and has been with us about a year now and getting worse. I try and hand feed her and she growls at me, sometimes 'boxes' my hand and arm and sometimes bites us . My daughter is getting quite scared of her and has had some reallly bad scratches and bites.

ny ideas gratefully received




3 rescue chickens

2 rabbits

1 cat

1 teenage daughter

1 husband

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:( That must be upsetting... How old is your rabbit? I've read somewhere that female rabbits get more aggressive (some of them anyway) as they get older, and especially when they get broody... A friend of mine had a rabbit that did the same thing, bite and box and bully her and her daughter, to the point that no one dared picking her up or stroke her any longer... She also used to pull her own fur out...

I think patience and being careful not to get bitten are your only option... Is she equally aggressive when outside in a run or running freely? Some rabbits are mostly aggressive when in their hutch, and much more easy going when roaming around, maybe that would be the time to try and interact with her?

Sorry, I'm not much help... maybe a chat with a vet might help, they might have some advise about behavioural problems?

Good luck...

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I have an ex -stray rabbit whch has been with me for several years now. He has obviously been mistreated at some point as hates being handle. I did have him castrated and he is a little better but still not an ideal pet. I can always tell if he is ill as he lets me stroke and pick him up! Even so I am very fond of him but have just had to accept that he is not a cuddly bunny even if he looks drop dead gorgeous!

I have to say that I am not convinced that rabbits are the perfect childrens pet as they can be quite aggressive. Guinea pigs are so much more child freindly.

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I agree with that, we've had a rabbit and some guineas, and though our rabbit was never willingly aggressive, he was a robust, strong little thing and his kicking strength made even my husband retreat!!!

This being said, once you have one, obviously you want to do the best for them and try to get the best possible relationship with them. If they're not the cuddly type, then maybe that just has to be accepted, though neutering might at least make feeding them a little less scary!

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