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Organic Maize Feed

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Hi, I'm new and have just received my cube and 4 birds. Have been advised that maize is a good feed supplement to ensure better yolk colour. I've had a look around on t'internet and can find only mixed grain with up to 20% maize. Is this the stuff to use or can I find organic 100% maize feed. Would prefer to stay organic.


Looking fwd to your advice!!!


Thanks, Pauline

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Hi Pauline and welcome to the forum.


Omlet supply Organic Mixed Corn - 20kg Sack £10 plus P+P - which is corn and maize mixed. It's from the organic feed company (see below) so I'm not sure what the corn/maize ratio is. I'm sure Omlet will tell you.



Allen & Page supply Organic Mixed Corn which is 85% org wheat and 15% org maize in smaller 5kg bags for £3.49 but postage is high.


Or you can get Mixed Corn in their small-holder range that is GM free.


CWF Mixed Corn 25kg non-organic £5.79

http://www.countrywidefarmers.co.uk 40 branches in UK.


Just to say mixed corn is like sweeties to chickens, makes them fat, so as a treat only.

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