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spasmodic laying

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since my hens began laying approx 3 weeks ago, Posh, the black hen, has laid every day, while Pecks, the red one, has laid most days. What I am wondering about is this - she did not lay today, but laid yesterday, did not lay the day before yesterday, but laid the day before that! How common is this to happen and any suggestions as to why?


Thank you!

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Hi mad.hen1 :lol:


Egg laying can be a bit sporadic for the first few weeks so it's nothing to worry about as long as she's eating plenty of layers mash/pellets, drinking ok and generally healthy she'll soon pick up.


Mine still have a day off here and there ( usually on the same day :roll: ) - I expect they're glad of a rest!!

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My Sussex Star has laid almost everyday since she started laying which is just over a week, with no probelms. :D But my Bovan Nera misses out days and lays eggs with soft shells or even without shells. I'm hoping this is normal. :? Infact I'm keeping a close eye on her, because I'm not sure if all is well. :( So I'm interested to see what other people have to say.

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