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Well I did it. I bought 2 new girls to keep Tilly company.


Two 10 week old ISA Browns from the local children's farm. They are so small and sweet, so I was a bit reluctant to put them in the run with Tilly. She pecked their heads a couple of times and then ignored them. I let her out to free range and she paced up and down, crowing very loudly. In fact, she is still crowing.

The babies seem happy and haven't stopped eating since the got here. I had to move the grub and glug so that they could reach.

I'm not sure what to do with the new girls tonight, either leave them in the Eglu with Tilly and hope for the best, or pop them in the cat basket in the kitchen where I know they will be safe.


Would very much appreciate some advice.



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Hi there, sorry I can't answer your question but I'm located in Surrey and notice you are only in Kingston so was wondering where you got your chickens from?

We have an eglu but the breeder in Leatherhead is nearly out of stock and wont be restocking till Sept (can't contain my excitemtn and wait that long!!) and the place in Ligh"Ooops, word censored!"er charges £25 or more per chicken which I think is very expensive!

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Ten weeks is very young. I would only put them in with Tilly if you are able to get up at first light (4am) to make sure she doesn't wake up and get irritable with them in the Eglu.


So I would advise keeping them separate. But I am a worrier. Other people may have different ideas.


Only you know Tilly. I have five hens who would probably be fine with babies, but one who would be quite vicious with them.

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I think I will keep the new girls in tonight and make sure someone is with them when Tilly is around as she has turned into a bit of a spiteful girl.



I got them from Bocketts farm near Leatherhead. They had quite a few 8 and 10 week olds. They were all ISA Browns and very very sweet! I paid £4.75 each.


Bocketts Farm is situated south of Leatherhead on the A246 main road from Epsom to Guildford. It is near the A24 and only 5 minutes drive from the M25 Junction 9. For owners of satellite navigation systems our postcode is KT22 9BS.


Leatherhead train station is a 5 minutes taxi drive away and there are usually taxis waiting outside the station. There is a bus stop in walking distance but buses are not very frequent.



Hope this helps



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