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Have booked Bibble in to be spayed next Wednesday and am ever so worried. I know it is the right thing to have done because of the cancer concern but I don't think I will rest between now and when it is all over and the stitches out. I have a wonderful vet and know she will be in the best possible hands but I feel guilty putting her under the knife particularly as she has come from a mistreated back ground.

She is just coming up for 15 months old.

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Hi Claire


Good luck for next week - I'm sure that everything will go ok with Bibble's spaying since you've got a wonderful vet. I definitely think you're doing the right and I'm sure that Bibble will thank you in the long run. It's amazing how affectionate my 2 girlies have become since they were spayed.


Just a word of warning though. Please keep an eye out for any stitches being nibbled at. Even though one of my girls left the vets in a surgical jacket, she still managed to shrug out of it overnight and pick some of her stitches out, which in turn led to an infection. You would have thought that she would have been too sore to be a contortionist!!!!! It never ceases to amaze me what mischief they can get up to............


Liz x

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