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Mystery chicken!

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Hi everyone,


I wonder if you can help???


My sister has been to look at some chickens and has fell in love with a cockerel she's seen. She can have a cockerel where she lives as she lives on a farm!!!

She has described him as only being as big as a pint glass, very handsome just like the kellogs cornflakes cockerel. I'm presuming he has lovely tail feathers???

She said that the lady called him a German blonde something or other, but she can't remeber what. Any ideas what this could be. She's not very ' up' on chickens, but because she's a farmers wife, she thinks she knows it all.... grrrrrrr it annoys me - she won't be told & she's going to put them in a wooden house rather than a beautiful easy to clean eglu!

When I said, he must be a bantam - she just said no no he is a chicken. But from the size she describes I would have thought he was a bantam???

I'm wondering if he might be a vorwerk????

Any ideas and piccys please....as I'm wondering what on earth this cockerel is!!!




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No - she only said that he was 'blonde' - I'm assuming that he's that colour.

Sisters eh - who'd have em??? :roll:


Of course - I know nothing, being a chicken keeper for over a year now without a single louse or mite, with well behaved healthy chickens who are good layers who live in a lovely pink house invented by Omlet. What would I know about chickens eh? ....I'm just a townie!!!!! :roll:





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There are so many posabilities, it could be a belgian bantam, it is a blonde/ginger it is tiny and has black tail feathers, its wings point downwards and it has black cape like feathering around its neck.


Or it could be Japanise Bantam the discription says:

"These are tiny birds, and the males in particular can seem a little top-heavy with there upright, full tails and large single comb. They have short backs and full proud breasts. The tail rises up well to the height of the birds head and comb. They have large eyes (often red or orange.) There are four, well spaced toes on each foot."


hope this helps, i'll look out for some more!

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Bantams are chickens - just smaller versions. :D:lol::lol:


So that may be why there is a misunderstanding.


All pure breeds that I know of, are now bred in bantam sizes - they are just a miniature of the larger breed of its kind.

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