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Where to purchase Chickens

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Morning all,


I am a new member of the "Good Life", just ordered by Eglou and therefore need some clucks, I live in the Bradford area of West Yorkshire, does anyone out there know of a local breeder (good selection) healthy breeds only please.


I am so excited hope I can be a good Mummy!!!



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i rang Omlet after i had ordered my Eglu and they emailed me the details of my nearest breeders. i live in Wakefield and my nearest breeder was just down the M1 off junction 37 called Storrs Poultry and i have to say they were brilliant! All the livestock they had was very well cared for and healthy and my 3 chickens i got from there are gorgeous. I think they stock ducks too. I know there is also a breeder in Keighley but having not been there i don't know what they are like. It is best to ring the breeder before you go, Omlet supply phone numbers.

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Hi welcome to the forum, there is a thread with a list of breeders / suppliers on here somewhere.........


When does your eglu arrive and what colour did you go for????


You will love keeping them, they are so entertaining :)


I am looking at delivery w/c 30th July. I went for the green on, I know not very eggciting!!



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