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The difference between Mark 1 and Mark 2 Eglus

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Here is a picture of a couple of Mark 1 Eglus



and here is a pic of the Mark 2




As you can see, the doors of the Mark 1 are smaller than the Mark 2.

The air holes, above the door are bigger on the Mark 2.


The insides are different too.


These are the roosting bars for the Mark 1




and these for the Mark 2




As you can see, the Mark 1 bars have a number of separate bars, a group of 3 and a large group. The Mark 2 just has 2 groups of bars, 1 small, 1 large.


The base of the Mark 1 is open under the poo tray, although some later ones have an anti rodent mesh and the base of the Mark 2 is solid gray plastic, with a couple of drainage holes.


The Mark 1 is designed for 2-3 hens and the Mark 2 for 3-4 hens.


If your hens are bantams, you can cram a couple more in.


Hope this helps.


The Eglu Mark 2 and Eglu Classic are the same model, just renamed in 2009

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