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Eglu/Cube not good for Orpingtons

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I'm not sure if anyone here has Orpingtons (I think someone has) but just to let you know whats happened with mine.

I have a beautiful, 17 week old Buff Orp called Sandy. She is huge, already much bigger than all my big girls. When she was smaller she slept in the pink eglu with the other chicks from that hatch. Now I only have her and Ness left and the big run and 'pink' run are opened up, the 2 of them have been cuddled up sleeping on the run floor outside the eglu. I've been trying to put Sandy in the eglu but she really resists then comes straight back out, so I've left them to it.

Also, she can barely hop up a low step in the garden, so has no chance of getting in the cube.

Then last night I went out to lock them up and Ness had gone in the cube for the first time (I was surprised all the big girls had let her in, but to be fair, theres been very little squabbling), and poor Sandy was lying sleeping under the cube :( . I felt so sorry for her, and annoyed at Ness for 'abandoning' her :roll: .

Anyway, just a wee word of warning - I think Orpies are too big for Eglus and not agile enough for Cubes :(

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