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I have had my two girls home about three days now. I love them and the eglu go, and I am convinced that the eglu go is keeping my girls safe!!! But just earlier on today I saw a fox walking round the outside of the eglu. And so I felt I needed some reassurance that the girls are safe - because I am still very new to this!!!


Have any foxes gotten into your eglu go? Or what have you done to prevent them?


Thanks a lot!!!


(I also Can't work out how to get the little icons of my chickens and eglu in my signature!!! - Any help welcome)

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Hi, welcome to the forum :D


The eglu will be fox proof with the door shut properly at night. The run is fox proof in most peoples experience, but last April a fox dug under my eglu run even though it was well pegged down, so it is possible. I lost all my hens and it was awful. To be 100% sure they are safe, I would recommend a slab base under the run and some wood chip on top. I have had a fox nightmare this last year (a few posts on the subject), but it is possible to keep them safe. My advice would be to leave nothing to chance and only let them free range when you are in the garden with them. I really don't mean to scare you, but a fox attack is an awful sight to find and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


Here is the link for info on chicken and eglu icons! http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=21966


Enjoy your new chickens - they are lots of fun :D

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