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Electric chicken netting...good or bad idea?

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Hello everyone


Haven't got my Cube or chooks yet, will be ordering for delivery in Feb/March next year.


I was looking at the chicken netting that Omlet do, and I saw something similar but electric on ebay (for example item number: 130138581116)


I'm sure it'll work well on the foxes...but wouldn't it be a bit strong if one of the hens touched it?


What's your experience of this stuff?


Thanks for your advice


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We got some a couple of weeks ago (but only started it up last week). It doesn't have a strong charge, just enough to surprise or startle. Although I'm not sure what it would be like on a sensitive part of the body :shock: I have only touched it with my finger and it's not bad. But I don't know if there are different strengths - the one we got was for chickens.


It has netting like the omlet netting (most other electric fences are for big animals like horses and would let anything small through).


We had trouble setting it up, not enough posts to keep it taut over our lumpy garden, so I would suggest getting extra posts (the omlet one comes with extra).


It means we can leave the chickens out free ranging while we are at work. Or at least, fairly free ranging! I particularly wanted it for the winter, because they would not be able to get out in daylight at all otherwise. And our garden has no proper walls or fences and is open to fields, so we didn't want them wandering off too far.


No problems so far (once it was set up). Just a bit pricy.



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I have the Omlet netting, it is reasonably priced compared to other netting that I have seen and it can be electrified as well. The biggest problem about leaving the birds unattended is that they can fly over the top of the netting without any trouble. I was thinking of raising the height of my netting by attaching the poles to a stronger and higher post and then running more netting along the length of it.

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