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Help! My neutered female is building a nest!!

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My neutered, female, bunny who is approx 1year 4mths old has built a nest!! She lives with her sister and my old bunny who is approx 8 years old. She and her sister were neutered at 6mths old. Doris the older bunny is also neutered. I have a neutered male giant bunny who lives in the run/hutch next to the girls. He does not spray and he was neutered at approx 6mths old and he is around 3years old now. The biggest problem is, I caught her not pulling her own fur out but latching on the back of my old girl Doris!!! And with some serious tugging yanked her fur out!!! Doris did not scream and was more concerned about the carrot in my hand!! But I opened the hutch door to inspect the nest and it is full of Doris's grey fur!! Daisy is a torti and her sister Charlie is black, so it's just Doris fur!! Any help would be much, much appreciated.

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