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Ear infection

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Does anyone have experience of chickens with an ear infection.

I have a young leghorn bantam who has been off colour for a week or so, no obvious symptoms apart from flicking her head a lot. She is slightly off her food but will eat corn and is drinking ok. I took her to the vets today who could only think it might be an inner ear infection, she had had drops of invermectin on her neck and is on baytril for 5 days. The only odd thing is that she has a droopy wing on one side. There is no paralysis so hopefully not mareks, I wondered if she is using her wing to balance. Any thoughts

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I think it may be neurological as one of her wings is drooping althoufh I don't think it is paralysed so hopefully not mareks. I shall finish the antibiotics and see how she is then, fingers crossed, wouldn't like to lose he as she is only young.

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