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coping with terminally poorly chickens

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I have absolutely no idea what I would do to be honest!


If I could get them to a vet, as stress free as possible, I would probably do that....however if they were really suffering and no vet was available I would have to seriously consider putting the hen out its misery myself.


I had a similar situation with one of our pet hamsters and put it down myself in the end. Not something that was an easy thing to do emotionally but no regrets as it would have been horrific to know the hamster had to suffer another 12 hours before getting to a vet.

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My hubby has just had to cull one of my bantams (not the one I was expecting not to make it). Vera had a prolapse and had been pecked. Fortunately he was here to "do the deed" straight away without delay or stress for my poor girl. RIP Vera :cry:


Awww. I'm sorry for you :cry: although it was best for Vera.

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