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Shutting in my bunnies

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Hello there everyone,


I am a new eglu owner and have two beautiful mini lops at 14 weeks old .....At the moment I close them in at night, but I feel really bad when I do it ....does anybody else leave them out all night? They don't seem to mind going in , it's getting colder now so feel better that they would be warmer and safer .........would like to have some advice/responses to keeping them in at night.Thank you!

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Hi Emma,

Welcome to the forums :D


I have a Dwarf Lop called Sherlock who lives in an eglu which is sited on the patio. We leave the eglu run open overnight 360 nights of the year and would only usually close it during thick snow.

Being on the patio is a bit more secure from predators and closer to the house which I think helps too. He free ranges in the garden most days and pops himself back in his run when he's done.

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