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beach chick

My new fair grape-feeding technique!

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my girls love grapes, but Tara and Paris are always quicker off the mark, so I have devised a special technique.

- stand in middle of lawn

- throw 1 grape in 1 direction, followed by the other 3 in the other 3 directions, aiming them as closely as poss to the slower 2 birds...

- wait for them to come back for round 2

- repeat as necessary!


and of course you get the bonus of watching them do the funny old lady with poor knicker elastic run!!!

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Thats quite a handy teqnique. Apart from my hens won't seperate. There are only two of them and since hatching, have never walked within two feet from each other. It is kinda difficult for me as Kiwi always gets the food! If I want them to get fair shares I will always have to hand feed them next to each other! :roll:

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