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3M covers on a Lo-rise WIR run?

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Just about to buy a Omlet Lo-Rise run some I can expand my flock and give them more room (currently in a classic)


Concerned regarding the 2m covers as I'm pretty sure most of the rain will blow in through the sides and my chooks love to the dirt to dig around in and dust bathe.


Has anyone tried the 3M covers on the Lo-rise runs to give a little more cover? (One side of the run is sheltered with bushes)


I have e-mailed Omlet but yet to get back to me.

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I bought a clear tarpaulin big enough to cover the top and go a little way down the sides, then I have an Omlet 3m wrapped around the sides on one corner that goes right to the ground.


The run is in the corner of the garden with a hedge / shrubby border behind two sides.


This combination means that although the rain blows in one side if the wind's in that direction, most of the run is dry most of the time, and I have one corner (in which I have a big tyre dust bath and perches) which is always dry.

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