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Christmas tree trunk as a natural perch

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Thinking of using the top of my Christmas tree’s trunk as a natural perch for the girls in place of one of their rectangular 2 x1 perches. It goes from 1 inch to about 3 along the top metre; Will need a bit of work to fit through the weldmesh on the wider end.   

We keep natural wood branches in the budgie cage as the differing widths are better for their feet,   I know chickens are ok with pine needles as it is one of the possible bedding options though not very absorbent.  

It wouldn’t be a night perch or the only option.  - I know that the wrong roosting perches overnight can cause bumblefoot and infections.

Thought i’d ask the experts as many of you must have to provide daytime perches on your larger walk-in runs

(I have a plan for one using our greenhouse frame and weld mesh  but more in that later when I have hubby convinced. 😉  He didn’t go for my upside down trampoline frame plan but not giving in) 

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