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The lion man

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Has anyone watched this (sky 3-on freeview)? It's about a man in New Zealand who keeps big cats for conservation. He is amazing, and plays and interacts with them, and really understands them :shock:


It's not the programme for you if you think they should be left wild. He does some film work with them, and has hand reared quite a few.


It has the world's worst theme music, don't be put off :roll:


The health and safety brigade should watch it :wink: , he goes into the "wild" pen with just an assistant holding a fire extinguisher :shock::lol:


P.S. I also watch Animal Park, which is good too, but constrasts a fair bit.

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we live near Port Lympne Zoo (one of the Aspinall places, featured in CBBC Roar show). one of my best memories of there is taking my then 4 and 2 year old, and watching one of the keepers going in and playing with the tigers, 'armed' only with a broom and dustbin lid!

it was amazing to watch, and there was a real bond between them.

Elf 'n Safety have now stopped the keepers doing this, and they all say that the cats really miss it (as do the keepers).

not seen the New Zealand show, but will have a look later!

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