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Help do ducks get on with chooks

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Hi Tara,


So far, the 5 chickens and 2 ducks seem to get on.


They're living in separate runs but we let them all free-range in the garden at the weekend and they mostly ignored each other. And the woman we got them from (a neighbour) has chickens and ducks in her garden and I think they all get on too.


We're waiting to see what happens when the drake gets a bit older and starts to take an interest in girls. I think that's usually when problems can start.



Richard T

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our ducks and chooks are fine with each other.


When we had the drake, he did try to 'get' one of the chickens - always the same one(!) - every time he saw her. We ended up putting a chicken saddle on her and then he stopped


the ducks don't even seem to worry too much when a chicken goes into the duck house to lay of sleep

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