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My chicken has white sticky poo on her feathers by her bottom

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I bought 5 chickens about a month ago, they started laying about a week later, eventually all 5 laying.  The last few days there have been only 4 eggs and yesterday one of the chickens has some white poo on her feathers around her bottom.  She is bright and running around as normal, comes straight over to me, her cone is red, her crop seems full but is soft.  Any ideas what I should do and if she is OK?

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What sort of chickens are they? Hybrids or pure breeds? 

Not all chickens lay every single day. It takes around 26 hours for an egg to develop. So they do have a skip day ever so often.

If her bottom is really mucky, you can attempt to wash it. But normally they should be fine. 
Have you wormed them yet?

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