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WIR mesh too big??

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I’m new to keeping chickens and we have built a WIR on an existing veg patch. I knew it had to be fox proof and bought ridiculously expensive wire mesh that’s specifically fox proof for the run! But alas, as I’m new to it all I didn’t think about rats!! The squares are 2inch. 
I’m now really worried we’ll have a rat issue! but more upset because I was told that we would be able to leave the eglu classic door open at night so they can let themselves in and out  (providing we had a secure run, which I thought we did!) but is that now not possible.. would rats attack the chickens in their sleep!? 

looking for some reassurance that I haven’t made a huge mistake 🙈chickens arrive this weekend! 


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It’s best to not have a rat problem in the first place. So take food in at night and don’t leave lots of spill laying around. 

Rats can attack small chickens, but we haven’t had that many real confirmed attacks on chickens on here. But if you are worried, you can close the coop at night.

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