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Sussex ranger laying twins

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I have 6 chickens. Seven eggs are laid a day over the last three days. One or two are dropped through the sleeping area and smashed at night time. I have bluebells, speckaldies and sussex rangers. I have narrowed it down to Sussex rangers as they seem most stressed at laying. From the start  they have had frequent double yolkers and on one occasion one big egg came out attached to another tiny egg. I had them from 16 weeks and they are now 22 weeks old. I have given them some time to settle. Not sure if they were given hormonal treatment before coming or if it is in their genes. I get their layer pellet feed from the local pet store and the make is called Argo feeds Ltd. Does anyone have any experience of this? This is the first time that I have kept chickens.

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I am assuming that they are pullets and newish to laying. It takes time for their cycles to get into sync and it's not unusual to get 2 eggs in one day from a pullet at the start, the 2nd egg may have a softer shell as it hasn't spent the required amount of time in the shell gland to give its proper coating.

Try not to worry too much and they will settle down :)

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