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Mr Brent Jeffs

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We have 3 chickens, aged somewhere between 2 & 3. After an initial surge and constant supply of eggs, we now are now tending to receive one egg per day (sometimes none).  Included in this is one of the chickens has not laid an egg for over six months. We've checked for being egg bound, we've increased the protein in the diet, but nothing. Any magic tricks anyone?

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Welcome to the forum Brent.

Perhaps they have started their moult and will stop laying over Winter, as normally happens. There is no magic trick to make a hen start laying again, simply because hens can only lay on average 600 eggs in their lifetime, which is how many they have in the one ovary that works. Now that's an average figure and doesn't account for any physical problems. We've had plenty of hens stopped laying at 3 years, plenty that didn't give 600 and plenty that didn't get to 3 years; we even have one at 10 ½ who has never laid an egg! So perhaps she has simply run out?

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