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Rabbits & The Rain

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Hi Everyone, 

We have 3 rabbits who are currently living in an Eglu Go Hutch. We have a run and tunnels on order but now they are using the hutch inside our old chicken run (which also still has the old chicken coop in it). I know rabbits shouldn't get cold and wet so assumed that when the weather set in, they'd snuggle up inside the hutch - but they aren't, they are all lying under the chicken coop and are getting wet and cold. My question is - do  I have to lock them away in the hutch on wet days or can I assume they are smart enough to not get wet enough to get sick? All thoughts welcome! Thank you x



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What type of rabbits are they? Long haired or ordinary short haired? Short haired (apart from rex) should be fine outside, even in rain. Maybe change their bedding in the Go? If the bedding gets to damp or wet they might prefer to stay outside.

Also you could cover their run, so they keep dry. 

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