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1 chicken 2 eggs?!

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We have 3 hens and since I last cleaned the coop 10 days ago we’ve had 3 eggs a day....except yesterday and today. Cleaning the coop today, there were 4 either shell-less or soft shelled eggs in the roost tray. That makes 2 days of someone laying more than 1 egg!? Our bluebell (started laying in August) often gives us double yolkers. Am thinking it’s her. She didn’t give us an egg yesterday or today yet, and is keen to stay in the nest box today.  She hasn’t layed any soft shelled eggs before what I found today.

We lost our first hen 10days ago (She was almost 18mths old), so I’m on very high alert with the girls at the moment. That poor girl was very prone to soft shelled eggs.  Am still not sure what did her in. At first I thought she had a prolapse, then thrush and she was off food for about 10days. 

They have free access to oyster shells.

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.

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We've had two eggs from one hen in a day many times now Keri from different hens, but the thing in common was the first egg was perfect and the second had no shell, so laid too early. Then no eggs the next day because that egg had already been laid. Just sorted itself out without any treatment from us.

Soft shelled eggs can result from disturbance during the night. We had one coop last week with 3 eggs dropped from the perch; presume it was a fox frying to get into the run, so electric fencing is a job that needs doing soon.

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