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Solo Rescue Hen integration - Help

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Hi All.

i rescued a couple of hens a week a go to add to my two 3 year Hybrids ( had a few losses in the last month).  to up the flook  & hoping to do good rescuing this time.  going with the " only add the same to already got so 2 to 2"

Sadly 5 days in, one of the rescued hens passed.( another story)  so i now have a very scared/stressed rescue that will peck strongy at anything and sometimes not let go. i have had a short try to see how she maybe with the others,   well feathers did fly and poss blood. i broke them up.  yes i know there is a pecking order to set up in introducing new hens as i have done many introductions. but this didn't feel or look safe for all.

currently i have set up the rescue in the greenhouse with own coop, food, water with a wire grill so she can see out, but not get out.  hoping this may help with the other hens seeing her. the other hens so far are doing their thing and not likely to look into the greenhouse so no eye to eye balling so i can't see them getting use to each other.

Has anyone been in this situation and got any tips ?  shall i keep them in their current housing and  have another go in a weeks time, or ????

Thank You

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Take it very very slow I guess. It’s a situation we all hope to avoid, but you were clearly very unlucky.

What type of rescue hen is it? And is there a way to get her a replacement friend? Although she might reject that hen too. 
Don’t think there is much more option than to take it slow and do a gentle introduction. 

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Hi, she was from British hen welfare trust,  and she was whizzy/raspie when i got her home. couldn't see what was coming home. put in boot & told to go..... Covid.

have contacted them, waiting for reply.   

yes to slowly, i give her cuddles a few times a day to try to reduce her attacks, she has a radio 4 on ( voices ) 

as you say slowly & i live in hope 🤞

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