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Pippa W

Sudden death of healthy chicken

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Yesterday we were devastated to open the door of the eglu and find our beloved Blanche dead on the floor. She was a very small but beautiful silkie who had seemed to be in perfectly good health. We are all so upset and I am now worried for the other two in case it was something more sinister. I have cleaned out the eglu thoroughly, and this morning gave the girls some warm layers mash which they tucked into happily so all seems fine. Has anyone else had experience of this?

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Sadly, we've experienced this far too many times Pippa W, but it has never been anything contagious. So we just opened the coop pop-hole in the morning and one didn't come out. No warning signs, young, perfectly healthy and often laying. We have only once done a post mortem on a dead chicken when we had two with the same symptoms; turned out to be a grass impacted gizzard.

Put it down to an unfortunate part of chicken keeping and concentrate on the other two.

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