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Local breeders oxfordshire/berkshire wanted

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Hi all,


Does anyone know of any breeders in berkshire/oxfordshire. I am looking to get around 6 pullets ( no cockerals as I already have one), to take residence in my new hen house my parents bought me for my 30th birthday. I have been looking at cotswoldchickens.co.uk and the will have one sort next thursday but I would like a mix if poss. also thegardenhen has some but at £25 each which I think is a rather steep.


Any advice would be great!

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I have bought several from The Garden Hen, & would highly recommend them.

Simon is a mine of knowledge, & a nice chap.He often doesn't have much in (I know he has some adorable baby Auracanas which will be ready soon) so its worth giving him a ring.

He does have a lot of variety though.....you should be able to get a nice mixture.

Its not the best time of year for chicken shopping,I am afraid :roll:


Or try any local Medowsweet agent who should have a variety of hybrids in stock, or coming soon.There are several in the area if you google Medowsweet.


Where abouts are you from?

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