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On 12/20/2020 at 6:38 PM, roni said:

Hello could anybody share what number light setting for dawn and dusk they have set on their auto door please? 

Any suggestions would be very welcome. 

thanks Roni

Did you ever get a response Roni? I installed mine yesterday and used the example in the installation guide to set the light settings. Where I bought the light as well the girls had been in the coop for at least 20 mins, because it was dark, when the light came on and woke them all up! Not sure what numbers to use. On the plus side it opened up nice and early this morning so I can now sleep in a bit knowing it’ll work!



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I have a problem with the automatic door opener.
For the past few days, the lamp has been on permanently, day and night, with the door open or closed. When pressing the lamp activation button for a long time, I got the message light on - ligth off but no action on the lamp.

I am using Light mode and the "night light" function is not activated.
I carried out a Factory reset, as well as a removal of the batteries, without success. I currently don't have the option to use mains power and it consumes a lot of batteries :-(

A solution ?

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