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Best place to buy chickens in Manchester

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Hi, I’m looking to buy 2 or possibly 3 chickens to keep in my garden. They are for my children to enjoy looking after, and for eggs as well.

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy chickens from in the Manchester area please? 
I’ve done a bit of research into the different breeds, but if anyone can recommend the best breed for children to handle, which is also a good layer, that would be great.

Many thanks 

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Hybrids are probably your best bet if you haven’t had chickens before. They are great layers, easy to get hold of, come in a variety of colours egg colours and tend to be easy and trouble free to keep. If you get them reasonably young and handle them often they can become quite tame and able to be handled by children.

Alternatively, the most people friendly breed are probably pekin bantams. But although they can be good they’re not the best layers, and they do really need a decent run that isn’t too muddy because of their feathered feet.

I can’t recommend anyone in your area I’m afraid but hopefully someone on the forum may be able to help you. Or there are usually pretty good poultry keeping Facebook groups if you’re on Facebook.

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