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Female brahma pullet is a male!

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I am after some advise.  We purchased a couple of pullets just before Christmas and were told they were females.  We had seven hybrid chickens already.  It appears as one of the pullets - the brahma - is a male!  We thought were were dreaming the last few mornings but this morning it was definitely him making the noise!  Will it be ok to keep with our other chickens?  If he gets really loud we may need to rehome him.  Any advice will be gratefully received.  We were after female chickens for eggs!  Thank you in advance.


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Presumably you mean Brahma? You could go back to the seller, but don't accept a replacement as you will be introducing one into a flock, which is extremely difficult. No problem keeping him with the others, but as you said, it will be the noise, particularly in the early hours of a Summer morning when some people may sleep with their windows open. If it's a proper crow it will be a cockerel, but be aware that sometimes hens will attempt a crow if they are not laying; we have three at the moment doing just that. Brahmas are not particularly good layers, so you won't be losing many eggs and the cockerel will normally eat far less than a laying hen.

If it were me I'd keep him unless it becomes a problem. Being a good breed you might not have too much trouble rehoming him if necessary, but be aware there are people out there that will take free cockerels and turn them into a meal; if someone really wants a nice cockerel for their flock they will pay. Alternatively you can deliver him and see him introduced into a suitable flock with no neighbours.

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