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Eglu Go Up + 3m run for sale + covers, feeders etc -Cambridge £400

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I bought my eglu go with a standard run and then converted it to an eglu go up with an extended run, so I have both runs. I also have glug feeders, sun shade and rain cover to complete the set up as per the photos.

They were in use for around a year and then I had to re-home my remaining girls. The coop is a bit faded from the sun and has some scratches on the top from putting the nesting tray on it. The tray has some marks that I couldn't remove with the jet washer. See photos.

I might be able to drop off locally, but collection would be preferred. Or we can organise a courier if need be?

Please reply to this message or contact tom@omlet.co.uk for my contact info.








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4 hours ago, CaraT301 said:

Hi Eliza,

Is this still available? Would you consider selling the two runs separately? We were after the regular run not the ‘up’ xx


Hi CaraT301

yes I'm happy to sell the regular run separately. Does £60 sound ok? I can include a sun shade as I have two.

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Hi Eliza, sorry for the delayed reply! We were unsure which version to go for. £60 for the regular run would be fab. Just to confirm, that would be the one shown in the pic attached? Would you be able to take it apart for us to transport? We could collect at the weekend if that suited you?


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Hi again Cara

yes the run is all dismantled and I will try to locate the instructions too. I don't have the box for it anymore but I guess it can just go in your car boot? Just to clarify, it is just the run itself, not the coop as well. The coop is being sold separately.

I'm around on Saturday or Sunday morning this weekend?

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Hi Eliza,

How much are you looking for to get for the remaining run, coop and bits as I may very well be interested. Have been eyeing up getting a 'cube' but it's a lot to pay when you dont know how you are going to get on with it. These seems like a good starting point.

Many thanks


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On 8/2/2021 at 8:52 PM, MeganB said:

Hello is any of this still available for sale? Thank you 

Hi Megan!

sorry for my slow response, I have been away. Yes I should have updated the advert - it is all available apart from the original Eglu Go run (the low level one), so just let me know what you are interested in and we can go from there :)

Best wishes.

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