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Grandpa’s Feeders

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I have started a new thread as the one I found on the site was from 2012...

I have bought a Grandpa’s Feeder for my three bantams and had read that the feeder was adjustable for bantams but when it arrived I could find no adjustment for weight of bird.  Reading more on the website it stated that the adjustment is just putting a weight on the treadle; I hardly call that an adjustment more a Heath Robinson bodge.  Has anyone else had one of these for bantams and fixed a weight to the treadle and, if so, how did they do this?  Thank you.


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I adjusted ours using self-adhesive lead balance weights from a tyre shop. I also greased all the pivot points to smooth the opening action. Started by just placing the weights on top and then stuck them underneath. This was for our large fowl, so I only used one strip.

Problem is the weight to lift the treadle will be so small with bantams that a rat could probably open it?

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