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more new chickens.....what to do

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Hi All,


Just been to check on the status of my purebreed chickens - and have found out they have blue egg laying hybrids in at the moment. We were going to get 3 hybrids at the same time - but have now decided to get them tomorrow instead.


What I'm writing for is advice on what is the best way to get all the hens together. I have a cube (no run) and an eglu (with run).


I'm thinking of moving the 3 pekins back into the blue eglu in the run (so they can have some piece and quiet), and letting the hybrids (3 or 4) in with the ex batts (3) in the big run - where they can then sleep in the cube. The ex batts are the top chickens - and need a bit more space than the pekins.


Or shall I just leave them all to get on with it and see what happens?


What do you think - ideally by tomorrow as thats when I want to get the others!

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I did a similar thing, introduced 3 new young hybrids into a pen with 7 older chickens. I let the older ones out to freerange for the day and put the new girls into the run. Let the older girls in gradually (starting with the two at the bottom of the pecking order) and all went in together at bed time. Next morning I let the older girls out of the run first thing and left the new girls in. Again, I added the older girls to the run one at a time throughout the day so that in the end only Top chicken and her best mate were left. I let them in last of all. It was all very painless. I could possibly have got away with chucking them all in together - there were enough new ones so that no one chicken was being picked on and the bullies couldn't be in three places at once. Within 3 days they were in together full time.


Hope this helps you come up with a plan! 8)

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