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Nicola W

Nesting box fighting

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I have an Eglu cube, and 3 bantams - got them just over a month ago - normally very quiet - one has been curious about the nesting box, sitting up there for an hour or so most days - but, our lavender pekin has now started laying, and just getting in to her stride - we’ve had a few eggs so far - but today the hen who has been going up since day one is having none of it - she’s stopping the other from entering the box and laying - and now both are incredibly stressed and vocal about it! Not sure what to do. Plum (the lavender pekin) is getting agitated as she clearly wants to lay her egg - but Queenie (despite being up there for 2 hrs) refuses to move and forces Plum out each time any quick remedies? - my neighbours are not going to be happy about all the racket! 

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We've had a couple of years of similar behaviour. We take the offender out, let the other in and close the pop-hole so she can't be disturbed. Fortunately we have retired and haven't neighbours if they start while (on very rare occasions) we are out. Worth adding we have 3 nest boxes for 3 bantams and they all want the same one!

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Thanks for the advice - they appear to have sorted it out after lots of posturing and noise 🙄 - but I’ll try that next time! 

Plum came down from the nesting box still agitated, about 40 mins after, despite Queenie no longer being up there, but she headed back up a minute ago so hopefully she has some peace now to get on with what she needs to do! Thanks again 

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