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fighting sister rabbits????? help!

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we have two female rabbits from the same litter. we were told that sisters from the same litter should live together quite happily, which they did until they hit 6 months old. but as soon as they reached 6 months they stated to fight. i say fight, one nips the other and they constantly thump there feet and one runs away from the other. is there anything i can do to get them living together in peace and harmony again????


please help

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I can totally sympathise with you as I've experienced exactly the same problem with my girls.


My girls came from the same litter and got on great for the first 4 months. Unfortunately things started to go wrong when Peggy had her first phantom pregancy and forced Georgie to spend all her time outside in the run getting cold. Then the nipping started, followed by some horrible biting. To cut a long story short, we ended up having to seperate them.


We then had them both spayed at 5 mths and hoped that this would calm their behaviour towards each other. We followed everyone's recommends like putting the two runs together so they could still see other every day etc. 8 weeks after being spayed we tried to introduce them again and all hell broke out this time! Poor Georgie (again!!) ended up getting her left foot torn as Peggy wouldn't let go of her! Fur was literally flying around the garden - I didn't realise that rabbits could fight like that. It was heart breaking to hear Georgie cry out cos you knew she was in alot of pain.


Needless to say, we've not tried introducing them again but sometimes I still think about trying it as they lie next to each other during the day time (even if there is a wire partition between them!).


On their own both girls are wonderful and loved being stroked. Unfortunately they just don't like each other any more!


Good luck with you girlies. I'm sure someone will be along very shortly with some sound advice for you.

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