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Lice how lovely!

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For the first time in 15years I have I hen that attracts lice around her back end and today i found the egg sacks on her wing 'shoulder'. I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to tackle with a dusting of red mite powder every 2 days. She is ex battery and no longer lays. Always laid thin shelled eggs. Suspect an underlying problem as every 4 weeks from june this year she has been under the weather and only picked up after a couple of doses of tonic. goes from fiesty top of the pecking order to sad and sulky. She is with an older hen who is fine and not at all lousy. 

Anyone know of an effective de licer.....

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We have two different powders made by Barrier i think. One is for red mite and doesn't work, the other is for lice and doesn't work that well. We use an unlicensed product called Johnsons (cat or dog) flea spray. A couple of squirts in the affected area (and no more) and any eggs are killed as are any lice passing through the area. Has always worked fine for us. You could also use Frontline spray (definitely not spot-on) but I would advise not. The dosage is absolutely critical and a little too much can kill the chicken (I know someone who lost two Orpingtons). We save that for Northern Fowl mites as a 'kill or cure'.

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