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I think the neighbours realise by now we have chooks!

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Just heard an enormous commotion outside and thought that a herd of male pheasants was stampeding through the garden. Instead it was my girls in their run and their first sighting of a cat.


The white one has got a _very_ loud alarm cluck! The other two are younger and don't seem to be making noises yet.


They've been on high alert for an hour and even a handful of grain didn't mollify them. I'm actually glad that they don't seem scared - unlike the first time they heard the train sound its horn a couple of fields away and there was a real cartoon cloud of dust and feathers as they all hit the inside back wall of the Eglu at the same time :shock:


Also today I have discovered that they love grapes, tinned sweetcorn and pumpkin!


Yesterday the white one (whose name has yet to stick!) laid a proper egg so we're very pleased with them at the moment.



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Congratulations on the arrival of the first egg. It's really eggciting!


One of the few benefits of living on a busy main road is that our chooks are totally unconcerned about loud and sudden noises. They seem oblivious to passing emergency service vehicles and the sound of empty lorry trailers bouncing over the sunken manhole cover at the end of the drive. Needless to say, fireworks don't seem to be a problem either.


The chooks hardly make any noise themselves, (maybe I can't hear them over the traffic noise.)

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