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New Bantam Mystery Leg Issue

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Hello! Bit of a weird one…I brought home two new point of lay bantams yesterday, popped them into a separate coop in sight of my existing girls, and all seemed fine. After an hour in the coop, both of the new girls were out exploring and eating in the run, both looked totally normal. Then today, one of them seems to be having trouble with her legs. She’s spent most of the day hiding in the coop, but when she does come out she walks very tentatively, sticking one leg after the other out diagonally behind her and leaning forward. When she does take a step she wobbles a bit like she’s drunk! Then she quickly gives up and goes back onto the coop. Any ideas? Like I said, yesterday afternoon she seemed totally normal and I can’t think what could have happened! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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