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How many chickens in a Eglu Go Up?

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My two beautiful Australorps are now 7 weeks old and have moved into their Eglu. We’d love to add a couple more friends, but are wondering how many we can comfortably fit into the Eglu to roost. We have a 3m run, plus they’re able to free range, so it’s more about how many we can fit considering Australorps will get to a decent size. Can anybody share insight into having 3-4 in the Eglu Go Up? We’re thinking of 1 or 2 Isa Brown’s at 16 weeks.


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Love your little cheepers! 

4 standard sized might be pushing it. I have 5 bantams in mine, including a Dutch bantam and a Sebright which only weigh about 500 grams. Maybe consider a smaller breed than Isa Browns?

More important than coop size is run size. You will need a minimum of 1 square meter per standard sized hen and more is always better.

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