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This is puzzling me,sorry for the long post.

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Last December when I was down to one lonely elderly Pekin I got 3 ex commercial hens to keep her company. I was aware that integrating them would be difficult,which it definitely was,4 months to be exact. Now for the last couple of months they have turned on her to the point that she stopped eating,was very stressed and was constantly on edge and would hide in the coop all day.

I have now made her a nice comfortable run within the run so she still has company but is safer. What I can't understand is that at roosting time I let her out with supervision and they all roost together with no issues. 

Does anyone have any idea why they accept her at night but not during the day? She has settled well in her run ,is eating normally etc. During the afternoon I section off the main run and let her out to potter about and use the dust bath for a couple of hours. 

Thankyou for any replies. 




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