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So we love our omlet go up (well apart from the wheel snapping off-still waiting for the replacement ) and we have 2 happy hens and a roo (not intentional) ... we have at the least 1 egg that has a chick in it (candled) my problem is that mama and eggs are upstairs, I will leave eggs til the chick(s) hatches, but I was wondering does anyone have any experience using their existing go-up to convert a section downstairs for the nursery obviously the chick can't climb the ladder and may fall between the cracks of the roost. I wanted to leave her (penny mama) with her pals but separate to keep the chick safe.... or is this wishful thinking?

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As you said, the chick can't climb the steps. But the other important points are you can't keep a chick on its own, it will need company of the same age or stay with the mother. Also keeping it warm and secure, which is a complicated process in itself. In my opinion rearing chicks is far more complicated than incubating and hatching.

We have separate rearing units for 6 weeks onwards, which essentially look like a rabbit hutch with a run attached. Before that they stay inside under heat lamps, initially under red light then daylight hours with a dark emitter. Chicks can fall prey to rats, even with the mother, so any run needs small mesh which sits firmly on the ground.

You are best separating the mother and chick(s) I think in a separate secure place. I know re-introduction will be difficult. Good inexpensive book to read is by Katie Thear, 'Incubation a Guide to Hatching and Rearing' ISBN 0-9061-3725-X.

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Thankyou... sorry didn't mean to suggest the chick would be by itself, was always going to be with its mama. Was thinking of putting a cat carrier at the base of the omlet go-up with mesh tunnel so penny can still get out to eat, but with a higher access so the chicks cant get out. Having said that I will look into a separate pen/coup. - thankyou. 

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