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sgt pepper

Help. Chicks stressed and Not eating

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Can anyone please help.

we have 4 chickens and recently adopted 2 healthy chickens from a friend who is no longer able to look after them.

We separated them from our girls so they have their own space a sleeping arrangements but can see each other. The new girls are not eating. We have tried different feeds, and various treats. We cannot let them free range due to the avian flue restrictions. They will eat mealworms, and we have been giving them Poultry power and they will eat some scrambled egg with layers crumbs mixed in. We are not concerned about them laying, but are worried that they are not eating or probably drinking as they should. One is showing very obvious signs of stress by pacing and circling.

any advice as to what we are doing wrong or how we can help?

thank you

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What did your friend feed them? Were they free ranging before? Not eating isn't so serious for a few days, as long as they are drinking, so don't put any additives in their water.

We have found wet mash works, which you can make by soaking pellets in water. However be aware that it goes mouldy very quickly so don't leave it with them for more than an hour.

They will be in alien territory so will get stressed. Hopefully they will eat and settle down in a few days.

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Thank you. They are not able to free range due to the avian flu restrictions. We have tried lots of feeds including the one their previous owner gave and crumbs with very little joy.

We have 2 lots of water available, one with minerals and one with cider vinegar so will change them for fresh water thank you. Do you know why they do t want additives??

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