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Garden Poultry, Kingsley

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Have just returned from Garden Poultry in Kingsley and wanted to tell everyone how BRILLIANT they are. So helpful, so knowledgable AND I got a Jasmine which will lay !eggblue! s. Fantastic!!!!!!!


After having been miss-sold a rather elderly Blackrock last time, I didn't want to take any chances and took the kids on a bit of a road-trip to an Omlet recommended breeder.


Should both come into lay about Christmas, can't wait!

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We got our girls from there :D

They are fantastic! We have a Jasmine too! The lady there said she would lay in about 5 weeks, but that was on the 1st of september, and we still don't have any eggs off Clover :?:( But we are looking forward to our lovley blue/green eggs!


The people there are lovley aren't they?

We are very impressed with our ladys!



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