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Not exactly eggs????

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Hi All,


My new hybrids are now 19 weeks old and are attempting to lay - which is good news however what we are getting aren't exactly what you'd call eggs.


Some of the eggs look like they are creased and some were soft shelled - is this right?


Also - one of the girls is laying perfectly formed eggs - but they are the size of quail eggs?????


If this is normal - how long does it take for them to learn to lay "proper" eggs?

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Hi Vicki,


Your's came from the same batch as mine - only my Coral is laying and she was older than the others when I got her, Her first egg after she arrived was soft (she ate it :? ) but the others have been fine, if small (around 60g).


My Rhode Star has moulted all her tail feathers so I'm hoping that's a good sign but she and the Maran Cuivre are still flighty. They all seem to be eating more though so that's hopeful!


Not really answering your questions, but it's useful to compare!



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Hi Boris70, yes it is quite normal for them to lay soft shelled eggs and creased eggs when they first start laying, nothing to worry about. I think it took a couple of weeks for them to start laying properly. I haven't had many from my Marans and they have all stopped laying (even the two ex-battery hens) now and we only get 1 egg every day now....

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What you describe is absolutely normal - especially the small first eggs. They gradually get bigger and in a month or two will be normal sized. Also, in the early days we occasionally got a double sized one! I think it's just their egg-making gear settling down. Don't worry - just enjoy.

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