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Bantams with Hybrid

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Hi all,

I've got an ex-battery hybrid who was badly bullied by the rest of her flock, and has had to be separated from them. She's very timid, and we'll be setting up a new flock for her to live with. I don't want to risk putting her in with any more hybrids, and was thinking of either A) several faverolles and sablepoots (4 of them, and ex-batt) B) 3 faverolles, one cochin and the ex-batt, or C) 2 cochin and the ex-batt. My main concern is that none of the new birds will just bully her again.

What do you think would be the best option?


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Just two young standard hybrid pullets would be fine. Bantams can be very aggressive. Don't overwhelm her with too many newbies because she will just retreat and be bullied again. The important thing is to introduce them to her on her own territory and best one at a time. Keep the newbies in a separate coop and run alongside her for a few weeks then add them. Alternatively just put two youngsters in with her at night and open them up early so squabbles give them room to escape. Double up on feeders and drinkers. the important thing is to observe and be prepared to start again.

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