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no eggs

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We have two chickens, a gingernut ranger and a black rock. We got them 2 August when they were seventeen weeks old. The black rock has been laying daily for several months, but the gingernut ranger has only laid about four very soft eggs up to now.


We give them oystershellgrit and layers pellets. We also tried crushed oyster shells mixed with crushed layers pellets and oats but still no egg for ginger.


They both look happy enough, they get let out everyweekend for a long time and at least a short spell on work days.



Does anybody know if we are doing anything wrong.


Thankyou for any asistance



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:? Very strange that a gingernut isn't laying. I would say that if she is happy and lively that there is obviously nothing wrong with her. You certainly don't seem to be doing anything wrong. It could just be that she's a poor layer. I know one of my gingernuts has never layed as well as the other. I'd be inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt through the winter. Hopefully when spring comes her egg laying tackle will get a kick start and she'll make up for lost time. :D
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I too have had no eggs. I have four original chickens which have been laying fine for over a year, then I purchased six more. Since then I have had three eggs from one chicken and none at all from the rest.


I have thought about giving them time, checked for being egg bound, accepted that it was a bit of an upheaval move house with the new bods etc, but I am running out of eggcuses. (sorry).


Do I really have to wait until spring for an omelette?

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