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Wanted Bantums in Lowestoft

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Hi Guys Anyone got any useful info as to where we can get 4 bantums to Occupy our eglu that we have just purchased :roll: we are new to all this but eager to learn, Janty on the forum has already been an inspiration and eggstreamly helpful :lol: We have a 13 year old and a 5 year old so thought Bantums would be a good option?? Any thoughts or comments most welcome such as breeds etc. Much thanks Bouncy & Timcho

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welcome to the forum

try fritton poultry she has bantams, i got my polands from her. its a lovely place. there is a breeder near me that had some frizzles a few weeks ago.


you have to be cautious about the bird flu restrictions in norfolk and suffolk as you cant take birds out of the zone.

you will love poultry keeping

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bantams are good, but for kids I'd go for hybrids to start with. More docile and generally friendly


the hybrid birds from omlet are great, there is a black rock breeder near the suffolk/norfolk border, let me know if you want the details, they have pre-layers about now for £7.50!!

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