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I'm getting a wormery for Christmas. I've been looking on Ebay as the companies who sell them actually undercut themselves on there. I'm thinking of the stacking one with its own stand as I've seen this companies other model in the garden centre (at twice their Ebay price) and it seems very solid and well made. Money isn't an object as this is my pressie from Mum - she would normally spend a bit more than that. (She asked me for a peice of Moorcroft -eeeek!)




I'd like to hear from those of you that have them, how have you found them, any recommendations etc.

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I bought my mum the can o worms from Wiggly Wigglers last summer (2006) and she has had no problems with it. She keeps it near the house for shelter, as I understand if it gets too chilled the worms can die. She gets liquid fertiliser out of it too. There is another thread on here somewhere about wormeries, as some people had a lot of problems with them.

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